Geometry Wars 3 is Ok

Yup, an underwhelming title for an underwhelming game. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is probably worth its price tag of $15. That’s no big deal. I’m only slightly sorry that I bought the game, and that sorrow has almost nothing to do with the game itself. My sadness is more a result of my memories of my beloved previous incarnations, and how this new one is somehow worse than its forebearers, in spite of having a lot of good new qualities.

Yes it has good qualities. I am tempted to list those first, to get them out of the way, but I don’t really want to split my review that way. I have too many apt analogies for that. Read on…

Old Dev and New Dev

My life is swinging back the way of normal. This is a surprising thing for me to say, given the recent changes. I now average more than 4 workdays a week at home (with the same employment). I dislocated my left kneecap two days ago, but I feel 99% better now. And I have twice as many offspring. One of them is a factory for human waste; the other is an adorable and frighteningly intelligent little lady who can still slip the occasional junk-kick past my otherwise phalanx-vigilance. This article is largely about her…

Get Wrecked, You Piece of Ship!

Oh boy oh boy, a game on XBLIG that is worth 3$. I might even have paid 5$. Shipwreck is a ZeldRPG in the greatest sense, that being an almost exact clone of the original NES game.

Of course, those similarities are intentionally and lovingly built, surely meant as an homage to great games from a simpler time. But it is not a shallow copy; it has a fun story, a load of content way exceeding its price tag, and skillful crafting. (Of a videogame. There is no in-game crafting.) You can also buy the game directly and play it on windows. Why should you? I’m glad you asked! (Read on…)

The Shame of Next-Gen

I have held on publishing this article for over two months.  I wrote it on a toilet seat in a Long Island hotel.  But recently, the Star Citizen forums re-elected their founder, leader, and dictator-for-life Chris Roberts, because of this awesome blog post about why consoles suck.  He’s awesome, so I had to come back and hit the publish button.  The article features a too-long introduction comparing Sony and Microsoft to Apple more, but it isn’t really about my phone (there’s a link to skip the phone crap).  Please Continue Reading

Welcome, Frenchmen!

Google analytics don’t lie[1]

pie chart of traffic sources

French people love me.

Is there any explanation for these recent béret-covered hits? Maybe. I’ll figure that out in a bit. First things first! In honor of my new French friends and their near perfect bounce rate, I went down a deep lapin hole of html canvas animation. Here is the result:

Dubstep: when no one can hear you fart

In honor of my completed(ish) wordpress plugin to hide off-topic garbage, I offer you this irrationally titled post.  I have a variety of short topics to cover, so finding something appropriate was harder than recalling the week-old dubstep joke.  If I had a twitter account, I could have posted it there and been done.  Alas.  On to the awesome demonstration! More links…pro stuff.

Crossposting: a guide to saving time

Hey, quick selfie here.  I wrote a philosophical post on, and it’s pretty blog-article-y.  It’s somewhat related to my old post about runtime texture updating. Enjoy.

P.S. No progress on my site feature things, except in my head. But I’ve been recording some extra data with my posts, so there will be something to populate there.  And I know how to implement that tangential ranting idea.  So…soon.